1. What to expect from this course

Welcome to Sarga Floor 1: Summer 2020!

In this course, you will gain barefoot massage skills in both posterior and anterior applications, an understanding of Sarga Strap alignment and wrapping methods, and will be introduced to Sarga equipment and safety considerations for floor-based practices.

If you haven't already, please request to join our private Facebook group Sarga Floor 1: Intro to Sarga Bodywork - Summer 2020. This is a community forum to share information and provide support for this course. This Facebook group will be closed on September 30th, 2020.

Here are a few main points that will be reviewed in this course:

  • Equipment setup for a floor-based Sarga Bodywork practice.
  • Foot-based awareness, mechanics, care & sanitation.
  • Sarga Bodywork principles & theory.
  • Cautions & contraindications for barefoot massage.
  • Myofascial massage techniques using your bare feet.
  • Sarga Strap alignment & wrapping methods.
  • Posterior (dry) compression techniques.
  • Posterior & anterior myofascial massage techniques.