Learn valuable self-massage exercises with Lomi Balls led by Linda Caravia. This free course is designed for anyone who wants to enhance their self-care routine.

Lomi Ball Family

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Instructor: Linda Caravia

  • Oregon licensed massage therapist since 1998, #6600
  • NCBTMB CE provider #1000452
  • Business owner of Vitality Therapeutic Massage & Yoga, LLC

"As a bodyworker, my skill set lies in my ability to sense responses of the energetic field, the nervous system, and tissues of the body. Holding the safest of spaces, while deeply attuned to my work supports a quiet and responsive relationship with those I serve. Above all else, my purpose is to empower clients to confidently communicate preferences and see them honored and attended to. My vision is for that confidence, safety and care to expand into their lives." Learn more about Linda here.