1. What to expect from this course

Welcome to Sarga Table: Adaptations for Raised Massage Tables!

This is the second of two courses included in our online course package, Sarga 102: Advanced Techniques. This course covers all of the equipment and technique adaptations needed to apply floor-based Sarga Bodywork techniques to a raised-table practice. This course also includes a handful of new techniques not previously covered in our other floor-based courses.

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Here are a few main points that will be reviewed in this course:

  • Equipment setup for Sarga Bodywork on raised massage tables.
  • Safety considerations for Sarga Bodywork on raised massage tables.
  • Raised-table Adaptations for Sarga Strap body alignment and wrapping techniques.
  • Raised-table Adaptations for seated and standing posterior/anterior myofascial applications.
  • New (advanced) barefoot myofascial techniques.
  • "Standing-Floor-To-Table" techniques.

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