SARGA.Rx is not a passive massage method, rather a more technical, client-active therapy that uses time-tested myofascial techniques and applies them to focused, barefoot bodywork. Sessions are performed on a floor pad/yoga mat with clients wearing elastic-type attire such as running shorts/sports bra for women and briefs/running shorts for men. Techniques taught in this class can be useful in rehab, Structural Integration, or Yoga Therapy settings. SARGA Rx is best suited for the structurally minded therapist with a floor-based practice. No Prerequisites.

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What you will learn in this course:

• Equipment setup for SARGA.Rx.

• Foot-based awareness, mechanics, care & sanitation.

• SARGA.Rx principles & theory.

• Cautions & contraindications for barefoot bodywork.

• Powerful myofascial techniques using your bare feet.

• Posterior, anterior, seated & side-lying SARGA.Rx applications.

Who can benefit from this course?

• Any practitioner who wants to learn powerfully therapeutic client-active myofascial techniques.

• Mat-based practitioners who want to incorporate barefoot myofascial techniques into their existing repertoire.

• Practitioners who wish to be more mobile with their barefoot massage practice.

• Practitioners who want to learn something new while fulfilling their CEU requirements.

Suggested materials for this course:

1. A large yoga mat, or at least 2 yoga mats.

2. A minimum of 6 yoga blocks or similar props.

6. One hand towel & one small washcloth per treatment.

7. A footbath basin.

8. A sanitizing solution for your feet.

9. A foot file such as the Swedish Clover Foot File.

10. Non-slip, sanitizable slippers such as the Classic Slide by Crocs.

Instructors: Jiva & Dan

Founders of Sarga Bodywork, Jivatma Massaguer and Daniel Tsukayama are seasoned bodyworkers with practices based on the island of O'ahu, Hawaii. Their love for barefoot massage and myofascial bodywork inspired them to create and share Sarga Bodywork with the world! Learn more about Jiva & Dan here.