This course picks up where Sarga Floor 1 left off and introduces additional posterior and anterior applications, as well as outlines a full-body sequence. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to administer a 90-minute, full-body Sarga Bodywork treatment for professional application with our floor-based equipment. This course provides 4.5 Continuing Education Credits (NCBTMB #1431). Prerequisite: Sarga Floor 1.

What you will learn in this course:

• Seated myofascial techniques for the head and neck.

50-minute posterior sequence.

• 30-minute anterior sequence.

90-mininute full-body sequence.

Lifetime access • Completely self-paced • Over 3.5 hours of high-definition instructional video • Downloadable course materials  Access across all devices • Exclusive access to a private Facebook community forum

Who can benefit from this course?

• Graduates of Sarga Floor 1 who wish to deepen their Sarga Bodywork skills.

Graduates of Sarga Floor 1 who wish to obtain Sarga Bodywork certification.

• Practitioners who want to learn something new while fulfilling their CEU requirements.

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Suggested materials for this course:

Same items as Sarga Floor 1, just add #12 at bottom.

1. A portable massage table with “shiatsu release cables” or the ability to unfasten one end of both horizontal undercarriage cables (tools required for the latter). Instructional video provided with purchase of this course.

2. A headrest and face cushion. If your massage table’s headrest is not designed to lay flat on the floor, thereby affecting cervical alignment and/or making breathing stuffy for your recipients while lying prone, an ergonomic and ventilated headrest designed for floor-based massage is available on our online store.

3. Installation of the Sarga Attachments for Floor-Based Massage Tables or the Sarga Floor-Loops. Instructional video provided with purchase of this course.

4. A Sarga Strap.

5. One set of massage sheets per treatment (1 fitted, 1 top sheet & 1 headrest cover).

6. One hand towel & one small washcloth per treatment.

7. A footbath basin.

8. A sanitizing solution for your feet.

9. A foot file such as the Swedish Clover Foot File.

10. Non-slip, sanitizable slippers such as the Classic Slide by Crocs.

11. A high-viscosity, high-tack massage lubricant such as MYO.RUB.

12. Two yoga blocks or a small stool (3.5" to 8" height).

Instructor: Jiva

Co-founder of Sarga Bodywork, Jivatma Massaguer is a seasoned bodyworker with a practice based on the island of O'ahu, Hawaii. Her love for barefoot massage and myofascial bodywork has inspired her to create and share Sarga Bodywork with the world! Learn more about Jiva here.

Sarga Bodywork's online certification process

In order to receive Sarga Bodywork certification via our online courses, students must successfully complete the following steps:

  1. Complete Sarga Floor 1 and the course quiz with a grade of 80% or better.
  2. Complete Sarga Floor 2 and the course quiz with a grade of 80% or better.
  3. Purchase Sarga Bodywork Evaluations.
  4. Submit 20 Practitioner Feedback Forms for review (the downloadable form is available with Sarga Bodywork Evaluations). Your practice sessions should be performed on at lest 8 different individuals.
  5. Provide proof of massage licensure in the state/country where you practice (if applicable).
  6. Complete a 1-hour Skype evaluation with a Sarga Bodywork instructor in which you will be expected to demonstrate core techniques outlined in Sarga Floor 1 & 2.

Upon successful completion of the certification steps, you will receive the following:

  1. A hardcopy certificate signed by Sarga Bodywork founder, Jivatma Massaguer that states you are a CERTIFIED SARGA BODYWORK PRACTITIONER®.
  2. Ability to use SARGA® and CERTIFIED SARGA BODYWORK PRACTITIONER® to promote the Sarga Bodywork treatments and techniques that you offer in your manual therapy practice.
  3. One high-resolution Sarga Bodywork logo that you are welcome to use on your marketing and informational media (social media platforms, promotional print materials, etc.).
  4. Ability to be listed on the Sarga Bodywork Therapist Directory.