With the utmost respect for Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is an honor to practice the modality of Guasha. There are numerous benefits to using Guasha and this course includes a brief introduction that will not dilute the rich history of Guasha, yet is focused on using this modality within the general scope of practice of a Western licensed massage therapist. By offering practical application methods and explanations of Guasha indications and contraindications, this course will help you to explain and use Guasha in professional settings as well as apply Guasha on yourself. Please scroll down to "Course Curriculum" below to view the introduction video for this course.

In my practice, I have found that most of my clients enjoy the sensation of Guasha while experiencing relief from pain and tension immediately. I hope to offer you foundational knowledge of this modality as well as piquing your interest to learn more.  - Linda Caravia, instructor

What is not covered in this course:

  • This course is an introduction to Guasha. There is so much to learn about using this modality, including Guasha techniques that focus on fatigue, anxiety, depression, and immune function, to name a few. Most of these strategies are out of scope of practice for a Western licensed massage therapist and will not be covered in this course.  
  • Guasha for breast tissue: Guasha is known to be practiced on the breast tissue. This would require advanced training and is not covered in this course. Additionally, in the state of Oregon, advanced training and legal consent forms are required to work on breast tissue. Please check your state’s requirements.
  • Facial Guasha: It is important to note that the tissue on the face is thinner and with much less musculature. A back and forth motion could be painful and pull the skin. Should you want to offer facial Guasha in your practice it is recommended that you take an advanced course on specific facial Guasha techniques to keep your clients safe and satisfied with your services.
  • Pediatric Guasha: Due to the petechiae that can form under the skin, pediatric Guasha can be difficult to offer to children. There have been cases where the sha the appears causes caregivers, teachers and relatives to feel concerned about the child’s wellbeing. Pediatric Guasha will not be introduced in this course.
  • Guasha to reduce cellulite, sculpt, contour and tone will not be covered in this course.

Scope of Practice

  • This course is designed for licensed massage therapists or wellness professionals who are able to provide Guasha within their scope of practice.
  • Check with your massage therapy regulatory body to ensure you are in compliance with the defined scope of practice before considering the study or practice of any new method or modality.

Instructor: Linda Caravia

  • Oregon licensed massage therapist since 1998, #6600
  • NCBTMB CE provider #1000452
  • Business owner of Vitality Therapeutic Massage & Yoga, LLC

"As a bodyworker, my skill set lies in my ability to sense responses of the energetic field, the nervous system, and tissues of the body. Holding the safest of spaces, while deeply attuned to my work supports a quiet and responsive relationship with those I serve. Above all else, my purpose is to empower clients to confidently communicate preferences and see them honored and attended to. My vision is for that confidence, safety and care to expand into their lives." Learn more about Linda here.

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