"This is the most exciting innovation in bodywork I've ever encountered! Life changing for both practitioner and recipient." - Shelly

SARGA BODYWORK's educational programs and proprietaty products offer bodyworkers a unique and comprehensive system that is as effective as it is elegant. Sarga Bodywork's courses train and certify practitioners in our distinctive methodology. Our proprietary products facilitate a creative, efficient, and completely mobile application of these methods. Learn more about Sarga Bodywork here.

Jiva & Dan

Founders of Sarga Bodywork, Jivatma Massaguer and Daniel Tsukayama are seasoned bodyworkers with practices based on the island of O'ahu, Hawaii. Their love for barefoot massage and myofascial bodywork inspired them to create and share Sarga Bodywork with the world! Learn more about Jiva & Dan here.

With Sarga Bodywork's online courses you will gain access to a step-by-step learning experience that includes high-definition video instruction, accompanying written materials, and access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support.

Sarga Bodywork marries method and design

enabling practitioners to gain tensional support and force with a fabric strap fastened to a massage table or floor-mat via our proprietary equipment. By pulling on the strap with their hands while applying downward pressure with their bare feet, practitioners gain tensional force that can then be skillfully transferred onto the recipient’s body. Learn more here.

Sarga Bodywork featured in Massage & Bodywork Magazine. Read the article here.

"Whether you're searching for the missing piece to your practice puzzle, or need something new to reinvigorate your work, sometimes finding a fresh approach is the answer."

Why Online?

We recognize that there is no substitute for in-person learning environments, especially for kinesthetic and touch-based trades, however the current COVID19 pandemic has explicitly shown us that in-person education is not always the most viable means to share information.

In addition, online education is a rapidly evolving interface that has made leaps and bounds in the last several years. Dynamic, intuitive, and user-friendly platforms have made digital learning increasingly seamless and effective.

Here are a few key benefits of online courses:

  • Learn from home!
  • Move through course curriculum at one's own speed.
  • Archivable format gives students the ability to reference the material as needed.
  • Online course cost is more affordable than live courses.
  • No travel or travel expenses.

Sarga Bodywork's online certification process

In order to receive Sarga Bodywork certification via our online courses, students must successfully complete the following steps:

  1. Complete Sarga Floor 1 and the course quiz with a grade of 80% or better.
  2. Complete Sarga Floor 2 and the course quiz with a grade of 80% or better.
  3. Purchase Sarga Bodywork Evaluations.
  4. Submit 20 Practitioner Feedback Forms for review (the downloadable form is available with Sarga Bodywork Evaluations). Your practice sessions should be performed on at lest 8 different individuals.
  5. Provide proof of massage licensure in the state/country where you practice (if applicable).
  6. Complete a 1-hour Skype evaluation with a Sarga Bodywork instructor in which you will be expected to demonstrate core techniques outlined in Sarga Floor 1 & 2.

Upon successful completion of the certification steps, you will receive the following:

  1. A hardcopy certificate signed by Sarga Bodywork founder, Jivatma Massaguer that states you are a CERTIFIED SARGA BODYWORK PRACTITIONER®.
  2. Ability to use SARGA® and CERTIFIED SARGA BODYWORK PRACTITIONER® to promote the Sarga Bodywork treatments and techniques that you offer in your manual therapy practice.
  3. One high-resolution Sarga Bodywork logo that you are welcome to use on your marketing and informational media (social media platforms, promotional print materials, etc.).
  4. Ability to be listed on the Sarga Bodywork Therapist Directory.